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Event Review | IEEE Power and Energy Society DLP: SMART Power Flow Controllers – A Necessity for Future Power Grids

An IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) talk, entitled “SMART Power Flow Controllers – A Necessity for Future Power Grid”, was delivered by Dr Kalyan Sen, President/Chief Technology Officer of Sen Engineering Solutions, Inc at a number of Universities in IEEE UK and Ireland Section:

  • Tuesday 24th May 2022 at University College Dublin
  • Wednesday 25th May at University of Birmingham
  • Thursday 26th May 2022 at Brunel University, London

In this two-hour seminar, an overview of the most commonly used power flow controllers and future trends were described along with the basic principles of power flow control theory, followed by Q&As.

The Distinguished Lectures attracted over 150 people in total and were very well received.

About the Speaker

Dr Kalyan Sen, PhD, PE, MBA, IEEE Fellow, Fulbright Scholar (U.S.), GIAN Scholar (India), IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer, is the President & Chief Technology Officer of Sen Engineering Solutions, Inc. ( that specialises in developing SMART power flow controllers—a functional requirements-based and cost-effective solution.

Kalyan worked 33 years in academia and industry. He was a key member of the Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) development team at the Westinghouse Science & Technology Center for which he became a Westinghouse Fellow Engineer. He contributed to concept development, simulation, design, and commissioning of FACTS projects at Westinghouse. He conceived some of the basic concepts in power flow control technology for which he was elevated to the IEEE Fellow grade with the citation: for the development and application of power flow control technology.

Kalyan Sen is the Co-inventor of the Sen Transformer.