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Event Report | Distinguished Lecture: Use of Energy Storage for Reliability Improvement of Renewable Generation by Prof Joydeep Mitra, IEEE Fellow

This IEEE PES DLP webinar was organised by IEEE UK and Ireland Power & Energy Society Chapter and hosted by the University of Birmingham IEEE Student Branch on 5th May 2022. Dr Joydeep Mitra was invited to give a presentation on the topic of ‘Use of Energy Storage for Reliability Generation’. The talk attracted around 30 attendees.

Joydeep Mitra (Ph.D., FIEEE) is MSU Foundation Professor of Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Director of the Energy Reliability & Security (ERiSe) Laboratory, and Senior Faculty Associate at the Institute of Public Utilities.

Prof Mitra is the recipient of the 2020 Merit Award from the International Society for Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS) and the 2019 IEEE-PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award. He serves as Chair of the IEEE-PES Fellow Evaluation Committee and as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. He has conducted research in power system modelling, analysis, stability, control, planning and simulation and is known for his contributions to power system reliability analysis and reliability-based planning.

Before starting his presentation, Prof Mitra introduced the Energy Reliability & Security Laboratory.

The presentation consisted of three main sections:

  1. Renewable energy outlook
  2. Variable generation and associated challenges of energy storage
  3. Utilisation and sizing of the energy storage.

Prof Mitra started the presentation by describing the growth of renewables in worldwide electric energy production and introduced the contribution of renewable resources of the UK and Ireland. Then he developed a mathematical method to determine the amount of storage required to meet a reliability target at a specific load point. This method was also applied in a more complex island-capable micro-grid system with solar generation and a grid-connected system with wind generation.

The reliability metrics and targets and a method for quantifying the notion of “firming up” an intermittent resource were then discussed. Effects of resource availability and network constraints were also considered within the analysis. In addition, Prof Mitra illustrated how to use augmented wind farms in IEEE Reliability Test Systems and concluding with an explanation of how energy storage can be used to improve the reliability of wind energy integrated systems with frequency security constraints.

For more details about the biography of Prof Joydeep Mitra and the abstract of this presentation, please visit the UoB IEEE Student Branch website (

Zixuan Jia
Secretary, University of Birmingham IEEE Student Branch