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Clean Energy Revolution Theme as 4th IEEE PES Day Celebrated

On April 22, 2008, the IEEE Power Engineering Society relaunched as the IEEE Power & Energy Society to focus on helping society and the environment. This day has been officially celebrated as ‘PES Day’ and celebrates the strengths and the achievements of IEEE PES.

The theme of the 4th IEEE PES Day is ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ and we are delighted to participate with the following technical lecture hosted by the University of Sheffield IEEE Student Branch.

Clean Energy, the Circular Economy and the Age of Artificial Intelligence in SmartGrid Power Systems by Professor Marcelo Godoy Simoes – Hosted by Yinka Leo Ogundiran at the University of Sheffield IEEE Student Branch.


During this talk, we discuss how Smart Grid systems powered by renewable sources of energy provide sustainability. In addition, we consider how clean energy and the circular economy are driving Smart Grid technology and shaping Smart Cities. We have a dialogue on how power electronics and power systems can be unified towards a research and educational approach.

This talk also discusses the grid performance and load metrics for intelligent transmission and distribution of user-based analysis and modelling. Furthermore, we look at how the application of real-time hardware-in-the-loop, computer-based design can facilitate instantaneous power interaction through the analysis of power quality, harmonics, and any imbalances in a Smart Grid system. Finally, we cover fundamentals of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Deep Learning for big data analytics of power systems.

The audience has the opportunity to reflect on how the electrical engineer of the 21st century uses comprehensive analysis, modelling, and real-time based simulation skills to design a modern, secure Smart Grid that is powered with Clean Energy.