Event Review: Reliability Outreach 2018

The UK and Ireland Reliability Chapter reaches out every few years to provide reliability briefings to technologists and engineers. Without such knowledge updates some engineers may be pressurised to take dangerous short-cuts, or simply not know how to address the vital delivery of reliability. The Reliability Outreach 2018 Workshop held in May 2018 gathered experts on electronics in medical devices to address solutions on ‘Reliability Challenges for Medical Devices’. A second half-day delivered a tutorial on ‘Reliability Issues and Solutions in Engineering’.

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Call For Papers: IEEE Reliability Society UK and Ireland Chapter Reliability OutReach Seminar and Tutorial

The IEEE Reliability Society UK and Ireland Chapter is organising a Reliability Outreach Seminar and Tutorial to inform those seeking to learn about Reliability solutions on the specific topic and to be tutored on the issues dealt with by the experts.

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