Educational Affairs Officer

Applications are invited from suitably experienced and qualified members for the role of Educational Affairs Officer for the Section. We are embarking on the development and delivery of on demand suite of talks, lectures and online videos to support members’ educational and professional development needs & aspirations. The Educational Affairs Officer (EAO) is expected to own and lead the work and manage the delivery of this new service as a new value to the members across the section.

The candidate is expected to have a passion and drive to ensure the success of this initiative with the support of the rest of the Section Executive. The principal requirements are:

  1. Working closely with the Chair and Section Executive to develop the strategy, establish an Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) and a plan for delivery of Educational Services as a priority initiative
  2. Experience in producing or sourcing educational material for technical and personal development is an advantage
  3. Developing the curriculum for a number of priority Thematic Areas according to a template comprising required modules at Introductory, Practitioner and Expert level
  4. Liaising with the Chapter Chairs, various educational and industry stakeholders to solicit interest in sourcing/producing the relevant material according to the established curriculum
  5. Reviewing the Thematic Areas, member needs and improving the delivery of the Educational and CPD plan and changing priorities accordingly

There’s a role specification that will be reviewed and updated by the appointed EAO and EAC members with support from the Chair.

It is essential that the applicant can allocate sufficient time to deliver this high priority need for the Section Members and our Industry Partners. The section will support the EAO and the EAC with requisite resources for the implementation of the Educational Services Plan. The priority is however with developing the curricula in high demand Thematic Areas and fast track sourcing/production of a number of introductory modules.

Please forward applications providing a one page statement of your interest, experience, credentials and vision for the provision of Educational and CPD services in the Section to the IEEE UK & Ireland Secretary, Dr Cyril Onwubiko.

The closing date for this enquiry is 30 May 2017 and the successful applicants for the EAO and EAC roles will be notified by 07 June.