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Life Members Affinity Group

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Life Members’ Affinity Group (LMAG).

IEEE Life membership is evidence of a sustained commitment to the engineering profession. This is automatically bestowed upon an active IEEE member who:

  • Has attained the age of 65 years
  • Has been a member of IEEE for such a period that the sum total of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years

Our Life Members’ Affinity Group was formed to organise activities of interest to all older members in the UK and Ireland Section, not just Life members. We welcome the participation in our activities of retired members and those approaching retirement.

There are more than 250 Life members in the Section, including Life Fellows and Life Seniors. There are 100 LMAGs in the 10 IEEE Regions, with 14 in Region 8, and over 30,000 Life members across the world.

The UK & Ireland Section LMAG is managed by a small committee that meets regularly throughout the year.

IEEE Milestones

Recently, the Committee has mainly been active in preparing nominations for IEEE Milestone plaques. These are awarded by the IEEE History Committee to commemorate significant advances in electro-technology that occurred at least 25 years ago. The nominations have to be supported by documents such as published journal papers, patents, etc. and are rigorously reviewed by expert groups before the award is approved.

The Section has so far been awarded 15 Milestones, the latest being to recognise the adoption of the Ohm as the standard unit of electrical resistance in 1876. The unveiling ceremony will be held at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow on September 17th this year.

The Committee is currently investigating three new projects:

  • Active Shielding of Superconducting Magnets
  • The LEO (Lyons Electronic Office) Computer
  • The EMI CAT (Computer Assisted Tomography) X-Ray Scanner

Each nomination involves a considerable amount of work, including the search for a meaningful location for the plaque. Unfortunately, many of the sites where the original work was carried out have been demolished or re-developed. The Committee welcomes inputs from members who had some connection with the projects listed above and who would like to contribute to the preparation of the nomination.

The Committee has also begun to investigate less elaborate and cheaper ways of recognising ‘first steps’ that were pre-cursors of emerging technologies; for example, posters and booklets could be produced for display in libraries, schools and other locations for the benefit of local communities and to preserve their industrial heritage.

Other activities

IEEE Life members are involved in a wide variety of activities, such as the history of technology (see the details of HISTELCON 2019 Conference to be held in Glasgow on September 18th and 19th this year), supporting schools science and technology projects, providing technical updating for retired members, mentoring students and Young Professional members of IEEE, and supporting humanitarian technology projects around the world.

This year marks the bicentenary of James Watt’s death in 1719.  James Watt’s influence on the industrial revolution was a decisive factor in establishing Britain as a world class industrial power. His life and legacy are being celebrated in Birmingham, his adopted home by events and exhibitions in the Birmingham area. The Birmingham Library has featured several events and there are meetings at other locations in the City in the month of August. Details can be found here.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about your experience as a Life member, or would like to raise questions of general interest please contact the Committee Chair.

Chapter Committee

Prof Charles Turner
Prof Charles TurnerAffinity Group Chair

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