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Systemic Innovation Special Interest Group (SISIG) Event

Following the customary slow start associated with setting up new ventures, the official start of activities of the new systematic and systemic innovation is hereby announced. Hopefully, the new SIG would attract attention and support from across the IEEE membership.

Systems Council

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of engineers’ work without receiving deserved recognition and the rightful attention to its explanation and exploration.  Field experts develop new tools and techniques for solving difficult problems in every scientific and engineering field whilst few attempts are made to explore and optimise the process of finding these new solutions. Looking at the academic research and courses at universities, it is not difficult to find the proof for this claim where Innovation is primarily dealt with under the business context.

Innovation consists of turning ‘ideas’ into something more valuable that may be referred to as ‘innovation’. This is similar in concept to turning rough-gem stones into something much more valuable in the form of jewel masterpieces. This is done through a careful process that requires specialist knowledge, tools and equipment. The same way that this transformation is achieved by trained master craftsmen, turning good ideas into innovation requires the same level of sophistication gained through training and application of the right tools. As ideas are not exclusively generated by any specific groups in the society, development and dissemination of the knowledge base, skills, tools/techniques and practice standards is the key to success. Developing the systemic methodologies in conjunction with an efficient approach for its promotion should improve chances of successful innovation.

SISIG is set up to take on this challenge and to utilise the IEEE members expertise with a view to:

  • Explore and define the best approach or strategies for development of ideas into innovation
  • Identification of suitable benchmarks and practical methodologies for efficient innovation
  • Development of effective tools to assist innovators of all backgrounds to raise success rates
  • Actively seek to develop new improved ways and means by investigating all relevant existing and emerging technologies to improve efficacy of innovation development tools and techniques
  • Promote the application of the findings through education and training in the interest of the members, society and beyond

SISIG is at the beginning of a long road to build a new foundation for exploring systemic and systematic innovation. The first practical step in developing the group has been taken with the announcement of the inaugural meeting of the group.

Systemic Innovation Seminar Details

Furthermore, SISIG is now officially welcomes new affiliates from like-minded IEEE members interested in a collective effort in shaping an innovative future for all.  Achieving our objective requires active participation of members who can support the group with their ideas and insights, regardless of their professional capacity.  All suggestions, ideas, comments or contributions are welcome.

It is planned that contributions from interested members would be reflected within the SISIG site with a quarterly newsletter to be produced to reflect valuable contributions. Initial plans are based on holding at least an annual meeting, aiming to increase it to 2 when appropriate.

At this stage it is important to acknowledge and express gratitude for the valuable support from

  • Prof. A.G.Hessami, Chair of the IEEE systems chapter for facilitating the initiation of the SISIG.
  • Prof. B Yazdani, head of the Nottingham Business School for the recognition of the potential contribution of the group objectives and for support in co-hosting the event.