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R2i-2017 Innovation Workshop

The R2i-2017 Innovation Workshop will provide an opportunity for university researchers, research & development companies and institutional research centres to a forum of industry and business attendees who may be impressed sufficiently to become involved with the researcher in exploiting the innovation. This event will bridge the gap between industry and research, allowing organisations to:

  • Showcase innovative electronics research and highlight its potential value to Irish and UK industry
  • Identify resources or competence in specific areas
  • Find specialists to support further or related research
  • Bridge skills gaps by discovering graduates to employ, second or sponsor

This innovative workshop builds on previous such initiatives at which researchers presented forty high impact presentations of five-minute illustrated narratives of their research achievements. Each of four sessions was led by a keynote presentation relevant to the potential for commercialisation of research and its impact. The topics covered will include:

  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Photonics technologies
  • Microwaves & communications
  • Printed & plastic
  • PCB & assembly
  • DfX
  • IoT for technologies
  • Renewables, sustainability and related power management
  • Medical Devices & Packaging
  • Sensors and Microsytems
  • Additive Manufacturing

In addition, visitors can discuss the presenter’s static Poster Display during the events substantial networking time. Breakout facilities will be available for private discussions

The Workshop also includes awards sponsored by the Hosts and supporting Companies.

Submitting an Abstract

We seek short (~200 words) abstracts summarising the aims, method and achievements of your research project, research portfolio or research facility that you would like to present to an industry audience in a short (a template will be provided) pitch at R2i-2017.

Abstracts should be submitted to: Prof Chris Bailey

All Abstracts received will be sifted for suitability for presentation or poster display at the event.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 14th March 2017

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