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Photonics (Scotland) Chapter

Welcome to the IEEE UK and Ireland Photonics (Scotland) Chapter.

The Photonics Society’s field of interest is in lasers, optical and photonic devices, optical fibres and associated lightwave technology, and their systems and applications. The Society is concerned with transforming the science of materials, optical phenomena, and quantum electronic devices into the design, development, and manufacture of photonic technologies. We promote and co-operate in the educational and technical activities which contribute to the useful expansion of the field of quantum optoelectronics and applications.

The Photonics Society Scottish Chapter was originally formed in 1996 as the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (LEOS) Scottish Chapter. Over the last 20 years it has served as a forum for the cluster of Scottish Universities and companies active in photonics research, development and manufacture. In addition to dedicated Chapter meetings and outreach events, we organise various meetings in collaboration with other organisations including the local Universities, SUPA, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics.

Over the years the Chapter has received various awards from LEOS / IPS for its work. In 2009 the Chapter led the installation of the IEEE Milestone honouring Maxwell’s Equations, with three plaques located at James Clerk Maxwell’s old family home Glenlair in Kircudbrightshire, at the James Clerk Maxwell museum in Edinburgh and at King’s College London.

The Chapter welcomes volunteers from members of Photonics Society, based in Scotland, to form the new committee. Please contact the retiring Chair Graham Turnbull or the Section Secretary to volunteer your interest.

Prof Graham Turnbull
Prof Graham TurnbullChapter Chair
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